The message center let's you keep track of the conversations you have with candidates. All emails delivered, as well as replies, from the candidates are stored in the message center.  

To access the message center, you'll first need to click the mailbox icon on the top part of your screen.

After clicking the icon, you'll see your inbox. You'll be able to see all conversations that happen with candidates here. 

The messaging center let's you reply to conversations, see previous messages, and see all important starred messages.

You can archive messages by hovering over the message and clicking the trash can icon. Marking emails as unread is just as easy by clicking the letter icon.

Once you've receive your first reply through the platform, you’ll receive an email as well as a notification in your message center. If you’d like to reply to the message, you can either reply in your email or through the message center. All of the conversations will be tracked in the message center.

Here's an example of what an email to a job seeker would look like:

Note: Emails that are sent to job seekers will be coming from a generated Alongside email. The email will look something like: [generated_code] In order for the emails to be tracked in the message center, job seekers will need to reply to the generated email that the email came from. This also applies for you if you'd like to reply to candidates from within your email. 

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