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What is the Hiring Velocity Report?
What is the Hiring Velocity Report?

Gain insights into the hiring process and see how quickly candidates move through hiring stages.

Written by Travis Joyce
Updated over a week ago

This report gives you insight into how efficient your hiring process is by letting you know how quickly candidates move from one hiring stage to another. 


At the top of the page, the data is displayed in a stacked bar graph. You will see every stage you have in your hiring pipeline. Each stage is a different colour and the number of days it takes is clearly displayed, so that there is no confusion. This will show you the average number of days it took candidates to move from where they enter your pipeline to any given stage. 

This visual gives you a quick look of where your candidates are getting stuck, or slowing down, in your hiring process. You can easily see what stages are done with quickly and what stages take the longest time. 


For a more detailed look at the data, you can find the data in tabular form at the bottom of the screen. This table lists out each stage and gives you the average days in stage and average days it takes to more forward, plus any additional actions that happened while the candidate was in the stage. 

For example, you’ll easily be able to see how many interviews happened at a certain stage. This helps you deep-dive into your hiring data, giving you a better perspective when you go to improve your process. 

: if the numbers seem a little off, please double check your date and job selection. These numbers come from your entire hiring pipeline, so please ensure that you are moving candidates to their proper category to ensure accurate results.

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