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What is the Activity Report?
What is the Activity Report?
Need to know what happened in your account in a given timeframe? The activity report can help with that!
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The activity report shows you all of the activity during a selected date range for any job you pick. This will allow you to see exactly what has been done with the job, so you don’t miss out on anything.

This report is in a table format for easy viewing. The data is ordered as: 

  • The date the activity happened: Keeps an accurate record for historical reporting

  • The user who did the action: Keeps people accountable for their actions with candidates

  • The activity type: Shows what kind of action was taken

  • The details: This will show in what job something was done and/or what candidate was dealt with

Note: if the numbers seem a little off, please double check your date and job selection for accurate results.

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