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What's the Candidate Source Report?
What's the Candidate Source Report?
Want to know what source brought you the most qualified candidates? The candidate source report can help with that!
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The candidate source report allows you to see which job boards or other sources that are bringing in candidates. With this report, you'll know where you are getting the most qualified candidates allowing you to optimize your hiring budget by focusing on job boards where you get the best candidates from. 

You will be able to select a specified date range and a particular job to get this data. 

The data is displayed with three different pie-charts on the top half of the screen and a data table on the bottom half of the screen. The pie charts represent the sources from all your new candidates, the candidates you moved forward, and the candidates that you hired. The data table shows the same information.

Note: if the numbers seem a little off, please double check your date and job selection. Keep in mind that in this specific report, the time filter is based on the candidate creation date. This means that it is dependent on when the candidate applied for the job or were uploaded to the system.

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