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The pipeline report allows you to get an idea of how your jobs are doing. You’ll see how many people you have at each stage for each of your jobs, allowing you to see if progress is being made across your different jobs or if something has stalled. With this information you will be able to see if you need to address any issues. 


At the top of the page, the data is presented in a stacked bar graph. Each colour represents the primary categories that you see on the Candidates page. You can hover over the different colours to see the exact number of candidates in each category. 

This visual representation of the data is meant to provide you with a quick understanding of where your jobs are at in aggregate.


At the bottom of the screen, you will see that this data is also displayed in a data table with the different jobs listed. This gives you a more detailed look at what is happening with your different jobs, so that you can understand where issues or backlogs are happening. 

Both the graphic and tabular representation of data can be controlled with the date range and job filter, so you can narrow in on exactly what data you want.

Note: if the numbers seem a little off, please double check your date and job selection. These numbers come from your hiring pipeline, so please ensure that you are moving candidates to their proper category to ensure accurate results.

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