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What is the Candidate Flow Report?
What is the Candidate Flow Report?
Need help understanding how many candidates moved forward though your hiring pipeline? The Candidate flow report can help with that.
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The Candidate Flow report is used to help you see how many candidates moved forward. This report allows you to get a quick snapshot of how many qualified candidates you are getting. 

With this report, you can select a specified date range and a specific job to get the data you want.

You will see a bar graph. The data is presented so that:  

  • The blue bar represents the number of people who have been moved out of New in your selected date range.

  • The green bar represents the number of people who have moved forward in your hiring pipeline (to Shortlisted or Offer) in your selected date range. 

Please note that people you've disqualified do not count as being moved forward.

Note: if the numbers seem a little off, please double check your date and job selection. These numbers come from your hiring pipeline, so please ensure that you are moving candidates to “Screened” or “Disqualified” once you have made that decision to ensure accurate results.

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