There are two ways to give a contributor access to a position. The easiest way would be while you create a position.

When creating (or editing) a position, you'll be able to see a "Hiring Team" tab. In that section, you'll be able to see which contributor currently has access to that position. 

In the example above, there are no contributors that currently have access to the Web Developer position.

In order to give contributors access to that position, you'll need to search and click on a contributor you wish to add.

If you've stared a contributor in the Manage Users section, those contributors will automatically show up in the search bar making it easy to add them. 

Note: Every Administrator has their own stared list.

If there's already contributors that have access to a position, they'll show up below the search bar. 

If you'd like to revoke their access to that position, you can click on the "Remove" button on the right-hand side of that user's block.

Another way to give contributors access to a position is while editing their profile in the "Manage Users" tab in the top right dropdown.

To edit their account, you'll need to click the 3 dots beside their account and click "Edit". 

Once you're editing their account, you'll be able to select the jobs they can have access too.

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