If you'd like to assign a different hiring pipeline to different positions, you'll first need to create them pipelines by going to the hiring pipeline section in the top right dropdown. 

From there, you'll be able to see all of your current pipelines. In my situation, I only have the Default Pipeline. 

To add a hiring pipeline, click the Add Hiring Pipeline button. 

From there you'll be able to add different hiring stages. Every hiring stage needs to be within a specific hiring category. We currently have 5 hiring categories. 

  1. New

  2. Screening

  3. Shortlisted

  4. Offer

  5. Disqualified

This lets you organize your workflow better for every stage of the pipeline.

Once you're done customizing the pipeline, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the form.

Now that you've create different hiring pipelines, you're ready to use those pipelines in your jobs!

You can assign a hiring pipeline to a task when editing or creating a position in the settings section. You'll be able to see a Hiring Pipeline dropdown which includes all of the hiring pipelines that are created on your account.

Once you've assigned a hiring pipeline to a position, you'll be able to see the stages when you review candidates! 

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