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How to bulk import candidates from a spreadsheet
How to bulk import candidates from a spreadsheet
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If you have job seeker data in a spreadsheet that you'd like to have in the Alongside platform, you can import those candidates directly in the platform.

You'll first need export your spreadsheet to .csv filetype, in the correct format.  So our system knows what your data means, you'll need to arrange your .csv document with columns like this: 

First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Highlights

The order, and column titles will need to match.

Once that's done, click on "Add Candidates" while viewing the position you'd like to import the candidates into. 

Make sure you're viewing a specific position, other wise you won't be able to import the candidates.

After clicking on "Add Candidates", a pop up window will show up. You'll then need to click "Import by CSV" and select your .csv document that contains the information. 

That's it! The candidates should now be visible within the platform.

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