Let's say you have a position you'd prefer to offer internally rather than publicly. You can specify positions that are internal so your job will only be visible to someone who has the direct link.

To choose an internal or public posting, you'll just need to check the desired job type in the settings section of the create a job process.

Note: Once a posting is public, you will no longer be able to convert that posting to an internal posting. In order to convert it to an internal posting, you'll need to duplicate the posting and change the visibility setting before publishing it. 

In essence, the way an internal job and an external job gets posted comes down to how the internet finds it, or rather, how it doesn’t. Currently, when a job gets posted for the public, we send it to Google to add it to their search results. After Google has it, Google jobs and other aggregator job boards that we push to will post your job. This is all included in your subscription and comes at no extra cost. There is then a chance of your job posting showing up in someone’s search results when they are googling for jobs.

Keep in mind that just because a job is set to External, does not mean it is promoted to any job boards. Job seekers will only find your external job by chance unless you pay to promote it to job boards.

In order for a job to remain internal, we have to ask Google and other aggregators not to pick it up and share it in their results. We also make sure it doesn’t show in your jobs widget. With all the usual avenues closed, it provides a vacuum that is only accessible to people with the direct link

This does mean that any internal job will need to be shared manually and advertised well to current employees to ensure that you get applicants. In other words, people won’t stumble upon these jobs. 

To make it easy to find your internal jobs, we have added an “Internal” badge. External jobs will remain badge-less, as they are now. This should make keeping track quick and easy!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Our support team is always here for you.

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