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How to integrate your calendar
How to integrate your calendar

In this article, we'll go over how you can integrate your calendar to start scheduling interviews directly within the platform!

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Integrating your calendar is the first step to being able to schedule events right from the platform!

You'll first need to go to the integrations section in the top right dropdown.

Once you're on the integrations section, just click "Details" next to "Integrate your calendar".

From there you'll have to ability to select 3 types of calendars. 

  • Default Calendar

  • Google Calendar

  • Office 365 Calendar

The default calendar will track all of the events within the platform but won't be added in your Google or Office 365 calendar. It's only visible in the Alongside platform.

If you decide you want to integrate your Google or Office 365 calendar, you'll need to authenticate your account. You'll be able to authenticate your calendar account by clicking on the authenticate hyperlink.

Once you finish authenticating your account, you'll be able to schedule calendar events and they will sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar.

To learn more about scheduling an event or interview with a job seeker, click here.

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