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How to schedule an interview through Alongside?
How to schedule an interview through Alongside?

In this article, you'll learn how to schedule a time with a job seeker using our scheduling tool.

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We've made it super easy to schedule interviews with candidates directly within the platform!

In order for your events to be synced to your Google or Office 365 calendar you'll need to first integrate your calendar with the platform. You can do so in the integrations tab in the top right dropdown menu. Here's an article that explains how to integrate your calendar.

By clicking the "Schedule" button when viewing a candidate, you'll be able to send event invitations and schedule your next interview. 

Once you clicked the "Schedule" button, a screen will pop up and prompt you to fill more information.

After you have filled in the information, click Schedule and an invite will be sent to the guest list!

It's that easy!

Once your guest list receives the invitation by email they'll need to confirm their attendance. 

Here's what the event invitation looks like:

Once they click on "Confirm Your Attendance", they'll be brought to a confirmation page were they can chose to accept or decline the invitation. 

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