To view all team members within a company, you need to click on the top-right drop down menu and select "Manage Users". If you wish to add a new user, you need to click on the "Add New User" button and enter their information and hiring team role. Every role has different accessibility within Alongside.

Here is are the definitions of every role:

  • Owner: The Owner has access to the entire account and is the only user that can modify the subscription and billing information. There can be only one Owner on a team.

  • Administrator: An Administrator can create, activate and promote jobs and can view/manage all applicants. They can also invite and edit team members. The only thing they can’t do is modify account and billing information.

  • Contributor: A Contributor can view jobs they are granted access to. They are able to create new jobs, but are not able to activate or promote them. Their access is relatively limited.

Once you've sent the invitation, your new team member will receive an email prompting them to create a password. Once they create a password, they'll be able to use the Alongside platform! If you'd like to edit a user, you can do so by clicking the "Edit User" button on the right of the user you wish to edit. From there you have the option to edit their information, change their role or remove the team member. 

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